Elite Biomed Repair Service

The health of your equipment is as important as the health of your patients.  We have the ability to troubleshoot, test, repair and service your Medical Equipment. We have the flexibility to work around your schedule and the technical degrees or certification to complete your repairs in a timely manner.

Your Repair Service

Provide Service and Customer Support during field visits
Manage all on site installations, repairs maintenance and test tasks
Diagnose errors or technical problems and determine proper solutions
Produce timely and detailed service reports
Your equipment is repaired using Manufacturers' processes and established Biomedical guidelines.
Repaired equipment is tested and certified for proper operation and electrical safety prior to being returned to service.
Comprehensive paperless documentation is immediately available upon completion of repair
Our easy to use Client Portal provides you with the history, reports and information to insure compliance
Repairs can be performed during off-peak hours to insure minimal interruptions to your schedule
Our goal is to increase the life of your equipment by reducing downtime and maintenance